How to keep your car clean between details

Here are 3 tips on keeping your car clean before getting a professional detail by Danielson’s Auto Detail:

  1. Contain the mess. This means having a designated trash can in your car. A small, hanging trash can works well and won’t take up a lot of space. Empty it regularly to prevent spills and overflowing messes. You can also keep a car organizer in your trunk or back seat to keep things from rolling around and creating clutter.
  2. Tackle spills immediately. Don’t let spills sit and dry. The longer they sit, the harder they will be to remove and the more likely they are to stain. Keep a pack of wipes in your car for quick cleanups.
  3. Vacuum regularly. Vacuuming your car regularly is one of the best ways to keep it clean. Pay attention to the seats, floor mats, and crevices. A handheld vacuum cleaner is a great option for keeping your car clean on the go.

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